Wine with Heart Club Benefits

Members receive a discounted price of 20% off our RRP including postage!

Hackersley Estate is located in the heart of the Ferguson Valley and is very passionate about wine and is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality and rare boutique wine varietals.

Hackersley Estate is a proud supporter of Camp Quality and is committed to providing a generous donation to this important initiative each year. Visit their website to find out more about the important work thatCamp Qualityundertakes in the community to bring positivity, fun and laughter back into the lives of families impacted by childhood cancer.

You now have more options to enjoy the best that Hackersely Estate has to offer.

Click here to join ourWine With Heart Club,

Wine with Heart Club Membership Benefits:

  • Purchase 2 cases of wine per year at a discounted rate of 20% off our online prices (including postage). 
  • Make your own selection from our range of wines available on our website, including exclusive access to new releases.
  • Early access to new release wines
  • Exclusive invitations to fundraising events for Camp Quality
  • Personalised recommendations from our team of expert winemakers
  • Behind-the-scenes insights into our wine-making and vineyard practices
  • Wine will be delivered in 6 monthly intervals in March and September
  • Get a further 20% discount on any online wine purchases throughout the year
  • Free postage


Terms and Conditions:

  • By signing up to the Wine With Heart Club, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join this club.
  • I acknowledge that my Wine Club subscription requires a commitment to a minimum of 12 months. 
  • I agree that in signing up, I commit to a minimum of two wine deliveries per year, following which I can cancel at any time.
  • In the event that I choose to cancel my membership before my second delivery, I will be charged an opt out fee of $100. (Cancellations must be made in writing or via email to
  • Delivery months for dispatch are March and September for this Club
  • Wine will be delivered in 6 monthly intervals and will be dispatched within 2 weeks. 
  • Members can opt to receive their first order immediately upon joining.
  • For additional online orders, I acknowledge that I must log into my account at the time of ordering to redeem my 20% discount. 
  • Wine pricing and wine availability may change at the discretion of Management.
  • Members may skip an order by advising us via email, before the lock in date prior to shipment.
  • In the event that you might need to change contact or credit card details please contact us via email. We will also provide a reminder via email one week prior to your scheduled delivery
  • Your credit card details will be managed and stored with strict security and confidentiality.
  • In the unlikely event that your order is not received or damaged, please contact us to rectify the situation via email.
  • By providing your contact details you agree to receive special offers, promotions and information about exclusive events and new product releases.